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Home services

Construction of Underground Ventilation Structures

• Blasting and construction of aircrossings
• Construction of brickwalls
• Installation of reinforced walls
• Installation of white and black brattices
• Construction and equipping of refuge bays
• Construction of 140kPa and 400kPa walls
• Casting of concrete
• Shotcrete services
• Supply and installation of stone dust barriers

Underground Contract Mining

• Production mining (Mechanized and Conventional)
• Dyke drill and blast stonework development
• Conveyor belt construction, operation and maintenance
• Road construction and maintenance

Conveyor Belt Services

• Construction and maintenance of conveyor belts
• Conveyor drive installation
• Conveyor belt levelling and lining, training of conveyor belt, clip joints, changing of idlers, greasing of drives and tail ends

Underground mine support                         

• Backbye support
• Sidewall support
• Secondary roof support
• Meshing

Opencast Contract Mining                         

• Earthmoving
• Coal Extraction
• Road Construction
• Rehabilitation

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